4 reasons why you should recycle your mattress

This week is National Recycling Week, the chance to recycle your way and reduce your environmental impact. Climate change and environmental damage are in the news every day—our daily habits and waste impact our local environment. By reducing, reusing and recycling, we can reduce our personal impact.

Why should you recycle your mattress, you ask? Here are four important reasons to recycle your mattress.

  1. Mattresses are bulky and take up space in landfill
    Mattresses are big, bulky items that take up valuable and expensive space in landfill. Landfill is far from the best outcome for the environment either. Due to their size and make-up, mattresses don’t compress well in landfill and can cause long term issues from damaging plant and equipment to resurfacing due to their “buoyant” nature. Recycling is a much better outcome for the environment.
  2. Mattresses include precious resources that can be recycled into new products
    Modern Australian mattresses are made up of materials including steel and foam, which can be recycled into new products at the end of their life as a mattress. Instead of burying these resources in landfill, mattresses can be deconstructed for recycling. Recycling uses less energy than producing new and reduces our reliance on virgin and non-renewable resources.
    We are searching for opportunities to improve the recycling rate of mattresses; in the meantime, it is vital that we divert as much waste from landfill as possible as soon as possible to minimise our environmental impact.
  3. Recycling is good for people
    Our third reason to recycle your mattress is; that recycling is good for people, creating green jobs. Our preferred recycler, Soft Landing, is a not-for-profit social enterprise that creates meaningful jobs for people experiencing barriers to employment. This means that recycling is good for society and individuals who are given a real opportunity to work, learn and grow in their career.
  4. Doing the right thing feels good
    Another great reason to recycle is that doing the right thing feels good. Supporting recycling, a circular economy, sustainable outcomes and green jobs feels great!

Mattresses are just one of the many household wastes that can be recycled; find out more about local recycling initiatives or discover your nearest mattress recycler.

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