Our Recyclers

Approved recyclers

Our approved recycler, Soft Landing, is in NSW (Newcastle to the Illawarra), the ACT, Perth and Melbourne.

Find out why Soft Landing is such a special partner here.

Our Recyclers

Social benefits

Our member recyclers provide meaningful employment opportunities for people who experience barriers to employment. This investment can reap three times the value in benefits to our communities.

For our recyclers, a good day is when one of these staff members is promoted into mainstream employment by one of our member or affiliated organisations. 

Environmental benefits

Recycle My Mattress works with our recycler partners, industry, universities and experts from around the world to explore innovative solutions including new markets for recycling outputs. We aim to find solutions that mean materials can be recycled again and again.

Maximising the reuse of materials and recycling all reduces the environmental impacts of your mattress. 

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