A sustainable Product Stewardship Scheme for the mattress and soft furnishing industry with a positive impact on People, Planet and Prosperity.


The Soft Landing Product Stewardship Scheme is an industry-driven initiative to recover used mattresses and soft furnishings for recycling. It provides a transparent, customer orientated recycling service in partnership with a social enterprise that assists people who are experiencing disadvantage to enter the workforce. It takes a life cycle approach to sustainability by ensuring that mattresses are designed and manufactured to minimise material use and maximise the responsible recovery of materials at end of life.


  • Authenticity and integrity in everything we do
  • Shared responsibility for the life cycle environmental management of our products
  • Shared value: for our customers, for the community and for the environment


2017-2022 Strategic Objectives

  1. A high level of industry and consumer participation in the Scheme
  2. A national infrastructure for mattress collection and recycling
  3. A whole of life cycle approach to sustainability
  4. A financially secure and responsible product stewardship Scheme
  5. Increased opportunities for meaningful employment for people experiencing disadvantage