What is Recycle My Mattress?

Recycle My Mattress is a product stewardship program administered by the Australian Bedding Stewardship Council (ABSC).

We are a not-for-profit industry partnership that works with supply chain, manufacturers, retailers and recyclers to move towards a circular economy for mattresses and improve the environmental and social outcomes of the bedding industry. 

The ABSC partners with key organisations to make lasting, sustainable changes to the mattress production, purchase and recycling life cycle.    

Mattress Recycling
Couple Buying a New Mattress

Mattresses cause significant issues in landfill

  • They take up valuable space
  • They break down slowly
  • They cause problems with subsidence and equipment entanglement
  • Landfill means burying non-renewable resources.
  • There is also the problem of illegal dumping.

All this leads to unsafe landfills, unsightly kerbsides and unnecessary carbon emissions.

Recycle My Mattress can help you

You can make a difference to this issue through Recycle My Mattress:

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Find an ABSC-approved mattress recycler to help you dispose of your old mattress, such as Soft Landing

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Choose a participating retailer to purchase from

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Choose a mattress brand from a manufacturer that supports a circular economy

How does Recycle My Mattress work?

At Recycle My Mattress, we are working on solutions that make recycling easy for consumers, so they can share the responsibility for their used mattress. 

  • We work with supply chain and manufacturers to utilise inputs that work towards a circular economy for mattresses and bedding.
  • We engage with retailers to encourage recycling at the time of purchase.
  • Finally, we work with mattress recyclers to maximise diversion outcomes, research new recycling opportunities and create sustainable jobs. 

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