Recycle Your Mattress

Find a participating retailer near you

Before purchasing your new mattress, make sure your retailer and mattress brand is a member of Recycle My Mattress. Members financially support our materials research and development program and care that your old mattress is responsibly recycled

How does the process work?

Recycle My Mattress works with manufacturers, retailers and social impact recyclers to help you put your old mattress responsibly to bed so you can rest easy.
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Find a retailer

Before purchasing your mattress, find a retailer that is a member of Recycle My Mattress.
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Book a collection

When purchasing your new mattress, book a collection of your old mattress with your retailer.

Just need to get rid of an old mattress? Book a collection

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You’re done!

Your new mattress is delivered, and/or your old one is taken away – simple as that!

Where does my old mattress end up?

Make a difference

Each year in Australia, almost a million mattresses are sent to landfill. By recycling mattresses these large waste items can be diverted from landfill and their components, such as wood, foam and springs recycled into a number of products

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